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Homebuyer Club comes to Renton

In our expensive housing market, too many low-income King County residents feel that homeownership is out of reach. But Homestead exists to make the dream of homeownership a possibility for more people who may have been shut out by high costs or the legacy of discrimination or displacement.

We invite you to join with other potential home buyers in our Homebuyer Club to explore your options for homeownership, and to set and achieve goals toward owning your home.

Homestead Community Land Trust is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing affordable homeownership for low to moderate income Seattle and King County residents. For 27 years, Homestead creates permanently affordable homes for ownership, in order to build equitable and thriving communities. We have over 200 owner-occupied homes. 65% of our homes are households of color.

Homestead’s Homebuyer Club is coming to Renton. The Homebuyer club will help you identify the obstacles that you face to becoming a homeowner, and to select strategies to overcome those obstacles.

You’ll have an opportunity to set and achieve goals to prepare you for homeownership in a supportive, peer-based environment. At the end of 8 sessions, participants will have worked on their own budget, understand their credit report, evaluated banking alternatives, strategized down-payment savings and have determined if homeownership is right for them.

The Homebuyer Club is:

  • Not a replacement for HUD approved homebuyer education course

  • Not a replacement for City of Seattle required one-on-one counseling

  • Not required to purchase a Homestead home

  • Not a guarantee of preference in homebuyer selection for Homestead purchases

The Homebuyer Club is part of Homestead’s Affirmative Fair Housing program to provide new tools that remove barriers to homeownership.

During the COVID-19 epidemic, the Homebuyer Club will be held in an all-virtual format.

The first Homebuyer Club session is scheduled for Saturdays, January 16 to March 6, at 10:30 AM

Please let us know about your interest in taking part in the Homebuyer Club by signing up here: Homebuyer Club

Have questions? Please email

Are you interested in learning more about buying a home through Homestead? Please watch our online buyer orientation here: Homestead Homebuyer Orientation

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