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County Executive Dow Constantine tours Willowcrest affordable townhomes

King County Executive Dow Constantine, a delegation of County staff, and Homestead staff met this week at the site of newly completed Willowcrest townhomes to discuss the need for more affordable homes for ownership that also address climate and stormwater impacts. Willowcrest achieves many of the target goals and outcomes articulated in King County's Strategic Climate Action Plan, including addressing displacement of frontline community members. Photographs from the Executive's tour are below.

See KNKX's coverage of the Executive's visit to Willowcrest, and learn more about what it took to build Willowcrest, why it's important and how we hope to build more homes like Willowcrest in the future: Affordable housing, eco-friendly construction come together in Renton townhomes

Images in Slideshow

  1. From left to right, Kathleen Petrie, King County Green Tools, City of Renton Mayor Armondo Pavone; King County Executive Dow Constantine; and Homestead Executive Director Kathleen Hosfeld talk about community land trust homeownership and how it creates permanently affordable homeownership that addresses displacement.

  2. Exterior of Building A at Willowcrest, comprising four affordable townhomes developed by Homestead Community Land Trust.

  3. Willowcrest homes are built to achieve Net Zero for energy through the use of highly energy efficient materials and methods and the use of photovoltaic (solar) panels for onsite energy generation.

  4. Executive Constantine, right, addresses the development team.

  5. The living room of the model unit at Willowcrest

  6. Kitchen and dining area of the model unit at Willowcrest

  7. One of three bedrooms in the model unit at Willowcrest

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