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Summer weather speeds construction

Twelve new affordable community land trust homes are rising quickly on the site of Willowcrest in the Sunset neighborhood of Renton. Foundations and framing of all homes is complete. As we begin to see autumn weather and rain, workers will now have roofs over their heads as they install windows and build out the interiors of these three- and four-bedroom homes.

King County Council Member Reagan Dunn visited the site last week to award the project funds from the King County Waterworks program. These funds will allow the project to reduce storm water runoff. Renton Housing Authority's Mark Gropper and Millie Phung, City of Renton's Mark Santos Johnson, CM Dunn's Legislative Assistant Tess Rath, and Homestead's Executive Director Kathleen Hosfeld, and Real Estate Development Director Eric Pravitz talked about the importance of affordable homeownership to King County.

We recently gave a tour to a KOMO TV crew interested in this example of a project that achieves King County's Strategic Climate Action Plan goals. These homes will be Net Zero energy, meaning they will produce more energy than they use, because of ultra high energy efficient construction and the use of solar panels. Below Suzanne Davis, architect with Third Place Design Cooperative, tells a reporter about the energy efficient design.

Building A

Some of the homes will have a view of Mount Rainier to the south. Others will have a view of the Olympics.

We are delighted to welcome Real Estate Development Project Manager David Baker to our team, here with Eric Pravitz; and give him a tour of the development in progress.

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